Both boyfriend jeans and plus size sleepwear, Raksha Shetty XXLLENT is a one-stop plus large fashion

Most of us often resort to retail therapy to relax, but do you realize plus size sleepwear that this is not a containment? For a slim or medium figure shopper, it feels like a fairyland, and it’s an anxiety experience for anyone who is tall. After all, being told again and again that what your heart sets is not your size, or that your self-esteem can be dealt with easily. Subtext, most brands are trying to put out, it seems clear – fashion is not for everyone.

This is Raksha Shetty, who’s trying to change with the big and small clothing market xxllent. She is a fashion choice and the latest trends, plus the size of the devas and people, to ensure their smooth style through every day.

Why is she? Why?

Every year, 30, when the last cousin often goes shopping one day, she gets in touch with what she says is a tough, realistic clothing industry ».

« My cousin, a size of XXXL, found that she couldn’t find her size – across the store, a dress, she chose different brands, » she recalls.

It’s hard to understand what most people think, and for a bigger person, it’s been a difficult experience, and she says a few more words to a few people. This problem is much more serious than she imagined.

Most people who are overweight or obese seek help from local tailors to meet their plus size sleepwear needs, almost never having a pleasant experience. But they still want to break the head of a tailor because they go to the store will mean being told the embarrassing situation, I can Nahi you 20 the size of the sea ‘, « she explained.

Raksha is determined to fill this gap, in the fashion world. At that time, she had completed her master’s degree in marketing at Aston University and worked as an investment consultant and financial planner. She then laid the foundation and brought the biodegradable bag of cement India – but the financial unviability of the project eventually prevented her from seeing it pass.

Growing up in a wealthy Pune family, she was in a free atmosphere, her parents never tried to control her ambitions and always encouraged her. Raksha switches and decides to follow her thoughts – and the heart.

At that time, in the fashion industry zero knowledge, Raksha months of study – and the scale of retail plus size sleepwear with chalk to draw a model on the market in India after entering the space – profit model. She thinks about importing products from Southeast Asia, connecting with local boutiques, and even working with freelance designers.

Because of the high cost, low quality of products or bad logistics, these ideas can not be solved. » So, I started selling clothes through WhatsApp and Facebook groups, « she recalls.

The baby goes into a size Kingdom

After widespread support in her campaign, after repeated trial and error, she realized that receive the most economical and effective methods in this category is the internal production. It will also ensure high quality and reliable logistics, and be integrated into a common platform, which will be a more seamless customer experience. This platform is what we now know about

Plus size clothing e-commerce portal, their home for women and men’s clothes, in Indian, western, leisure, fashion underwear, plus size sleepwear, sportswear category. Their sizes range from « L » to « 8xl ». They also plan to launch the largest online size available in India – 9xl and 10xl – soon. Eighty percent of their products are internally produced, and 20% are supplied externally.

« It’s not an inventory model, it helps us to control costs and maintain profitability, » she said.

Xxllent also introduced size customization in very early stages.

« Some of our products, the absolute maximum size is the one and only available in India – torn jeans and burlap clothes. « Our house is gathered together with the size of the sleepwear and underwear, » she said.

Most of their models are students and staff.

In order to make a topic, Raksha decided to make use of some of the most popular blogs, plus the size of the country.

« In India, plus the size of the blog is very popular, so we and they in a few people together, show our products through their channels. Because they are in sync with the fashion industry trends, we’re trying to understand that kind of products that will work for their India customers. She said: « our marketing is just digital, and word of mouth. »

Some of the most prominent sizes plus blogs like Aashna Bhagwani and Meenu Goel are also for them.

Big size, big number

January 2017 is the testing phase of the site. From the beginning of WhatsApp and Facebook group every two sales scale, revised to provide through a unified web site, not to mention the height for digital marketing activities, to the end of February 2017, upgrade to 8-10 orders a day.

« During this period, we concentrated on our marketing efforts in six cities, mainly the subway, » she explained.

By April 2017, their business expanded to 25 cities, and orders increased to 20 to 25 orders a day. However, between July and August 2017, their sales figures stagnated because their websites were unable to cope with increasing traffic.

« We increase the capacity and technology of the website to further expand our scope. Now they want to September 2017, 35 goals in the city, as well as last month – they have regular 40-50 orders on a daily basis, the monthly income of 00000 rupees 12, RS 18, 00000.

The most touching moment is when one of our clients, a scale of 7XL (Jaipur housewife) call to thank me for her best western wear on her size. She told us that we were wearing her first Western plus size sleepwear. She also mentioned that she had never been as confident as she was before, « Raksha said.

Although Raksha did not raise any external funds, however, she expects to raise money in the near future, its business scale and increased market bandwidth.

« We are focusing on creating a strong presence in the second tier and 3 cities. We’re also trying to go into brick and mortar and / or franchise models within two years, « she signed off.

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