Giulia De Lellis,Cecilia Rodriguez,Aida Yespica,Ivana Mrazova:Who is the sexiest?

The woman in sexy sleepwear who left her eldest brother must be the sexiest in the real world. But who is the queen of sensuality?

Big brother is nearing the end: December 4th has been designated as the end date of the actual blog Mediaset, and will be crowned as the winner in prime time, as always. In the most prying out of Italy, there are currently only four women are: Zhu De, Lellis, in nomination, Ida Jess pickup, Ivana Mrazova and Cecilia Rodriguez.

In these four, three models and one of the influencers, who is most likely to be the sexiest player in the game? Everyone has his own advantage.

Juilliard Lellis is more physically than others, minutes is much less sculpture: his choice is with the appearance, full sexy sleepwear or bold tulle skirt full svelavano leg beat.

Ivana Mrazova, one of the most beautiful places, (not) by accident in 2012 at the San Remo Music Festival in Italy public mind stiff neck damage, it has a lot of erotic charge.

Very playful movement style, Ivana Wong has better attention to sympathy for those too obvious beauty card: she gargle anxiety drink, make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks, conquered the network. Between two sensualone games, sexy sleepwear, palms contend between two Latin American homes, Cecilia Rodriguez and Ida Jess pickup.

First of all, Beilun’s sister, has not been intimidated by the myth of Rodrigues, and has been the first drawn all the senses and is responsible for a series of sexy sleepwear(shower and bath), super hot, and then use the site to ride a bike so tempted Ignazio Moser, Chelsea had left her boyfriend Rancesco Monte.

Aida Yespica has been chosen as the sexiest brand for men, without much contribution, as some people say, sensuality is a natural thing. So, in our view, she is the most attractive woman.

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