Oprah gave her permission to approve the Canadian plus size sleepwear company

Everyone knows that Oprah’s plus size sleepwear approval is gold, and that’s why we can’t help scaring the fact that the queen of the show appointed the company as her favorite thing.

This year, sleeping shirts, a Vancouver and Montreal plus size sleepwear company, make TV presenters a famous list. Specifically, Oprah points out that the Oxford blue stripe shirt, one she will wear as a fashion, except for a day’s clothing or simply lying at home.

« One of our editors wore this Oxford cotton sleepwear and came to the office with sandals, and it looked fantastic, » the 63 year old said. I would relax at home or wear it as cover. Some even sleep in it. »

Of course, Alexandra Suhner Isenberg, the founder of the sleep shirt, was thrilled when she heard Oprah’s positive comments on her sleepwear.

« She was a very influential person, and when we told them the news, no one ever liked ‘Oh, my God’, » the designer told the flare. Recognized by such a big person and influential person. »

Suhner Isenberg imitated her Pajama nineteenth Century shirt, and she found it behind an antique menswear store in london. Then she created her own company in 2012 and created a fashion, super large, neutral sleepshirts ever since.

Thanks to Pajama trends, designer clothes have been popular for years. In addition to Oprah’s list of favorite things, the sleep shirt also appeared in Gwyeth Patru lifestyle website Goop.

In the 2012 time, Suhner Isenberg told the Vancouver sun, « from why people love them, we didn’t reinvent the wheel, you can find other brands to make plus size sleepwear, but we know it’s a great product. »

Besides, if it’s approved by Oprah, you know it must be good!

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