The matching home plus size sleepwear are a new ugly Christmas sweater.

In early November, Kathy Woods held a family meeting to discuss the urgent problem to be solved in this season: Santa Claus wearing striped or stereo plus size sleepwear?

Woods said that the work began five years ago, but it has become a holiday tradition every year, including her three children, her dog, and sometimes her mother and sister. But her husband refused to take part.

« It’s like a big challenge for me every Christmas: can I get everyone to wear these matching pajamas and sit quietly and take pictures? » Woods said he lived in Teaneck, N.J., « If you can, it’s a good year. »

Pajamas, of course, have long been standard holiday fees, and sometimes, gift giving cliches. But in recent years, retailers say, social media – a tacky photo Wonderland – has created a matching Pajama mania that has gone from retailers like pajamagram and Hanna Andersson mainstream chains. Even Oprah Winfery joined in. Baby’s home pajamas are her favorite thing.

Coordinating sleepwear, retailers say, is a new ugly sweater: kitsch, luxury and something irresistible.

Target says, since 2013, annual sales are increasing, this quarter plans to provide 22 modes, some can choose dog and doll. At the same time, WAL-MART expects its adult zipper zipper plus size sleepwear sales will be « substantial growth. » A new year: patterns depicting skiing polar bears and Santa riding unicorns.

« This is definitely a peak year, » said Debbie Horton, a buyer of WAL-MART’s premium pajamas. » People don’t just go to bed with them. They’re actually taking them out to play. »

In pajamagram limited, the festival boom started in early September, when customers began planning this year’s Christmas card photos. Online retailers are expected to sell 500000 pairs of sleepwear this year for moms, dads, kids, and, of course, dogs and cats at home. Business is so prosperous, and its matching holiday pajamas currently account for 80% of the company’s annual sales, up from 2005 in 15%.

« It’s good for business, » says Stacey Buonanno, the brand manager of the company. » In the past, people usually bought only one set of women’s pajamas. Now they bought four or five pairs for the whole family. »

It starts at about 20 dollars, cats and dogs, $30 for children, $60 for adults. A family of four plus a pet, that’s $200, although Buonanno says it doesn’t stop buyers.

« We see this opportunity as a year’s business, » she said. » Demand continues to grow. »

The company has increased the lineup design from three to 27, and this year has authorized the transaction of Looney Tunes and minions characteristics. Other patterns include candy canes, stripes, snowflakes and colors, their own Christmas patterns, although the classic red plaid flannel is still the best seller of the company.

Matching plus size sleepwear have become social media, and this hit Buonanno says the company has started sending their photos to customers. Over the past few years, it has received 5000 submissions, many of which have been published on the company’s website and catalog.

« This is all family photos, » says Justin Sonfield, a spokesman for the company in the store, matching flannel pajamas sold for five consecutive years with double-digit growth. » In retail, that’s what we call home run ».

Sharon Sweeney says she has been buying holiday pajamas for her five children and six grandchildren for decades. Today, even when families are separated from holidays, they also have three video phones on Christmas Eve, so families can meet in their matching pajamas.

« This is what we’ve been doing all our lives, » her daughter, Susan Pennell, said he lives in Newfoundland, canada. » Now this is a big visible, because everyone can see our photos in Instagram. »

Each photo is posted on Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat, eventually reaching dozens, if not thousands of people, further deepening the spread of wildfire like matching pajamas, says Jonah Berger, a professor of marketing at Walton School of business at University of Pennsylvania.

« It might have been your uncle’s family on their Christmas cards, but you only saw it on your mailing list, » Berger said. He was the author of infectious diseases: why things became popular.

Now, he said, « this is a classic case of the Internet one upmanship. Who can think of the best matching sleepwear to show the world that they are a good parent?

Joshua Pease, one doesn’t feel the pressure. He said, « a few weeks ago, when his wife casually mentioned wearing matching pajamas for four families, it might be fun.

Peas, in stone castle, Colorado writer, very unhappy. He does not love the uniform, he said, on the coordination of pajamas things just looks, well, old fashioned.

« I love my family, and I’m willing to do anything for them, » he said. But what about pajamas? This is where I draw lines. »

Jeff McGurren feels the same before. But last year he surrendered his wife Jacqui, told him he would ruin if he did not attend the christmas. So he was embarrassed to put on a pair of reindeer pajamas and put forward their two sons of then-5-month-old’s sons and their annual vacation cards. One of the dogs has antlers

« You can in his face, he was not happy to see photos of the family, » she said. » But he’s a good athlete, and he agrees to do it again this year.

She said, that means she has to go shopping. The family has doubled recently, adding five chickens. It will be a great vacation photos even animal corral.

She said it was difficult to work with dogs last year.

« They were completely skeptical and didn’t talk to me for at least an hour, » she said, adding that the spill tried to eat her plus size sleepwear, and Tina looked a little ashamed in her clothes. » It’s a hard day for everyone. »

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t try anymore.

She said, « I really want to pair with five chickens this year. She also added that she had found a poultry friendly Christmas sweater. I just love its cheese. »

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