Vineyard students are exposed to those who need a comfortable bedtime

With a sigh, VINELAND Demi, Rodriguez primary school student described her most d’ippolito love plus size sleepwear.

« They have red hearts, and pink, » she said.

Nicole Ortiz, sitting on the table next to him, said, « my inside is soft. » The blue star. »

The girls sit side by side, making flyers for a school project to ensure that other young people also enjoy a comfortable bedtime.

Every month, students at different grades of North Valley Avenue give a helping hand to help students in the community as part of their character education course.

Starting this week, grade third is a plus size sleepwear program, distributing pajamas, children need to collect children’s pajamas, including those homeless shelters.

They also sell $10 Larry two buffet breakfast on Saturday or Sunday. It adds 2 dollars to every ticket sold.

Some students in grade third were surprised to find that teenagers of the same age had no sleepwear.

« It’s for them to take it for granted, » said Raj Puri, a teacher in grade third.

Denise Leshay teacher launched the set drive last year with her class.

Leshay that program through academic books, telling the story in a new book in the form of each donation matching pajamas.

Her class collects about 60 pairs of plus size sleepwear.

This year, all third grades are there.

In addition to these flyers, they also made a beautifully decorated collection box for each classroom.

Emilia Gomez of grade third brought her to pick up donations from the nearest family in the shopping process.

« I love penguins, » she said, pointing at the girls’ pajamas on the theme of winter.

Her brother, Silas, picked out some sleepwear for footie, for boys, this adds to the collection box.

Layla Ayala of grade third said she wanted to quickly fill up the donation box.

« So high, » she said, raising her arm a few inches.

The project fits the character education quality – compassion – student learning this month.

The students pointed out the boxes in their school hall, and they wanted the public to help them finish the deadline in December 8th. The community can provide pajamas or cash donations.

The teacher is a special call for children’s pajamas through XXXL size 8.

Donations may be lost in the N. Valley is located at 1578 Avenue Hipolito, before school, at 3:30 p.m.

Nicole and George focused on their public relations mission.

Their teachers cut their heads, they cut them out, and they painted some colorful plus size sleepwear on their faces.

And then they added a simple heartfelt appeal with crayons.

« Help us. »

The girls have mastered this lesson.

« It’s better to give than to accept, » says Julie Marrero, their teacher.

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