What would obtain its physically active #AerieReal

A plus size sleepwear campaign promise behind the body active aeriereal #aerie. The company often indicates the inclusiveness of all its institutions, refuses to reject models of PS image processing software, and encourages all women of all sizes and races to love their people. They still lack something.

I believe this movement, of course, including the company behind it – is also starting out of good faith. This is a sport we all need, especially American women. When # aeriereal launched, I will love it. In fact, most people like the underwear / swimsuit / Pajama brand to receive inclusive and honest feedback and high praise. In the 2014’s press release, « it said the new Aerie action challenge supermodel in standard model bra modified the latest collection of plus size sleepwear and clothing. » And many along this narrative. But most of the store posters from the no motion characteristics of modified white, tall, thin woman, I didn’t call, but I did not seem to solve what people want to get some part of that: Aerie movement errors.

Is an inclusive and transparent #aeriereal real target? Because it seems to be a semi – finished marketing strategy intended to attract more consumers, not to cater to them. Example: if you walk into any store a nest of young women, the poster on the beach playing in one-piece and riding a bike along the route of the wooden wall, most of the display of non modified, woman is white, tall, thin, and mainstream (white) standard of beauty, is usually pretty.

« This girl is not PS! « The slogan is. Yes, some color women have features on these posters. Some. But because most of these pictures are traditionally white, thin and high women, the message to consumers is white, thin, and high. The woman does not need to be modified, takanosu said. If you’re like a girl like this, you don’t need a PS image processing software. They have the right skin color, proper weight, height, and traditional attraction. Such women, they don’t need PS image processing software. But a woman who doesn’t meet this beautiful ideal – a woman like you – will do that?

The intent is clear: consumers want to see the real woman takanosu real pictures, undoctored photo retouching elements. You should be able to say they are not giving you know, for the purpose of trust. OK. Great. In theory, it should work. However, a bunch of white shows a huge problem, and 110 pounds of blonde girls are happy to announce that they don’t modify the PS image processing software.

If you are going to launch a positive physical activity to celebrate the real woman’s body without the PS image processing software, what you need to do is right. This is the way to celebrate all the bodies – even the Laurence and the world Courtney Fowlers. This means you can see the colors of many girls, just like the typical white girls you do. This means that there are many objects plus size (or body’s stretch marks, or curves or scars or fat or any contact as a remote regulation in the modeling world), and you make the orthodox thin « model » body.

Here I am on the campaign Aerie is mainly an important note of the problem of storage. On line, alley does a better job, considering inclusiveness and presentation. The Instagram account features many race model, mixed race and different size and weight. In addition to the exposure to different models, there are countless consumers for the first time the photo. The online personality devote time and space for women’s « fat, outspoken, thigh (thick and thin), the stomach is concave, and stretch short boots.

There are more colors appear in the online platform aerie woman. Although, I would say, love Aerie often do not mix oil and water. If a model is a woman with a feminine taste, she is often thin. You see who is thick and a few takanosu model. I see the intention, here, to work hard but need to do better.

A physical election campaign claimed that the body of a true woman could not be ableist, representing the boundaries of the span of sex, race and body type. It’s hard to deny a woman’s existence. Where are the women in the wheelchair? « Where? Where there are traces of the sleepwear model, such as negative underwear, mainly displayed on its website? Where is the pattern of different races, such as third of love is proficient? Where is the denatured human model? Until these women and many others were # aeriereal said, not just online or in the store, the motion of the target is still idle. Because if you don’t support all women, what do you support?

In fact, there are many other plus size sleepwear brands do better, but our society to all inclusive, Aerie credit, in fact, would have a lot of work to do. #aeriereal will get the ball rolling to the first step, but in terms of execution, more to do.

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